We have been guaranteeing your success for 10 years!

    Ladies and Gentlemen!
    Throughout the 10-year period, since the establishment of the Fund, our activity has been undergoing the process of constant development. Through these years all the instituted solutions has become an example to follow by numerous new established funds. Moreover, we have participated in creating these funds, both providing advice and guidance in organisation of their work and sharing with previously acquired operational experience.


    The Fund was established as a limited liability company in December, 1999 by the City of Poznań and PKO Bank Polski. The company commenced its operational activity in 2000; therefore it is one of the longest existing credit guarantee funds. Its aim is to support economic ventures that guarantee the local development performance, decrease of the unemployment rate and creation of job vacancies through granting guarantees for credits and loans offered by financing institutions. Whilst accomplishing our objectives we try to combine acquired experience with modern solutions. We exercise due diligence to provide small and medium size enterprises an easier access to external financing. Consequently, we improve the efficiency of credit process and provide any necessary assistance to prepare and write a credit application in a bank.

    The highest degree of care over the efficient and quick service as well as a wide scope of experienced services has always been our priority. We have been consequently striving for expansion of the range of our activity; and therefore we have introduced in our offer such services as: preparation of business plans, feasibility studies of investment projects, and assistance in preparation of credit documentation regarding its financial and substantive parts.

    Cooperating with verified business partners, we provide entrepreneurs with a possibility of establishing contacts with experts that are knowledgeable about assistance programmes, and that provide help in preparing application forms and procuring EU subsidies.

    The fact that PKO Bank Polski has placed its trust in our Fund is definitely something we are proud of. Therefore, the cooperation with the branches of the bank shall be defined as a perfect one. Hundreds of guarantees that have been granted since 2000 have led to the development of rendering service model that requires the minimal engagement of an entrepreneur. In order to guarantee our clients the highest comfort of using our services, we have introduced the Internet version of an application form for granting a guarantee, which may be filled in either at home or at the Fund Head Office, where an access to registration and financial documents is more convenient. What is more, every single entrepreneur that provides written permission for submitting required credit documentation by the bank itself is released from the obligation of submitting the above mentioned documents in PFPK. This is the consequence of a constant cooperation with the bank and a previously developed model; where on behalf of our client, our Fund’s employees acquire all necessary documents based on permission given by an entrepreneur. Both, the matter concerning an application form for granting a guarantee and assistance in preparing a financial specification have been resolved similarly. Most necessary information for preparing financial specification may be submitted by an entrepreneur via application that has been provided at the Fund’s Internet website www.pfpk.pl . All the aforementioned information shall be submitted by an entrepreneur in a form of statement.

    Summing up the 10-year period of PFPK Ltd. activity, we are pleased to inform you that executing the basic business profile of the limited company we have granted nearly 1500 guarantees for the total amount of more than 125 million zloty. What is more, a systematic increase of interest in PFPK services makes that a current value of the guarantees portfolio has exceeded 40 million zloty so far. We are aware of the fact that the constant development of a local entrepreneurship and decrease of barriers that hinder the establishment of new businesses or impede creating new job vacancies are the results of Fund’s activity. We are proud that we have had a possibility to provide you with our assistance and advice for so many years.

    We would like to thank all applicants and co-workers for trust and signs of kindness; at the same time we wish to assure you about our willingness to take up new challenges in order to provide you with further assistance. All additional information and replies to enquiries may be obtained from the employees of Poznanian Credit Guarantee Fund Ltd. (PFPK).

    Krzysztof Dylikowski
    Chairman of the Board

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    In case of any problems we will be happy to provide assistance. Please send questions by e-mail, or contact us phone.

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