PFPK - Poznanian Credit Guarantee Fund

Poznanian Credit Guarantee Fund Ltd. (PFPK) was founded at the initiative of Poznań authorities and PKO Bank Polski.
Its fundamental aim is to support small and medium size enterprises that function both, at the Poznań agglomeration area and in Wielkopolskie voivodship, by giving them credit guarantees connected with managing a business. The Enterprises that maintain creditworthiness but cannot provide sufficient credit collateral, may take the Fund’s offer. The development of local enterprise and creating new workplaces are the major effects of this particular financial activity.

The PFPK grants credit repayment collateral connected with credits granted by PKO Bank Polski
Poznanian Credit Guarantee Fund is a limited liability company.

  • Poznań City,
  • PKO Bank Polski
  • Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK) in Warsaw

are the shareholders of the Poznanian Credit Guarantee Fund

The share capital of the limited liability company amounts to 4,500,000 zloty and is divided into 9000 participating interests, 500 zlotys each. The amount the shareholders possess:

  • Poznan City – 2000 participating interests (1,000,000 zloty)
  • 22,22% of capital and votes gathered at the general shareholders’ meeting
  • PKO Bank Polski – 3000 participating interests (1,500,000 zloty)
  • 33,33% of capital and votes gathered at the general shareholders’ meeting
  • Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK) in Warsaw – 4000 participating interests (2,000,000 zloty)
  • 44,44% of capital and votes gathered at the general shareholders’ meeting

In the third quarter of 2007, the Poznanian Credit Guarantee Fund and the Self-government Credit Guarantee Fund in Gostyń (SFPK) entered into cooperation agreement in scope of a financial guarantee activity. On the strength of the written agreement, the SFPK became a partner fund of the PFPK. The fact that both funds provide a guarantee, gives an opportunity to increase the ceiling amount of the guarantee and the maximum level of the guarantee.

Poznanian Credit Guarantee Fund also supports a small and medium enterprise sector through:

  • Counselling in respect of cooperation with financial institutions (banks) and entrepreneurs’ contracting parties
  • Assistance in preparation of credit documentation
  • Organisation of conferences for self-government activists

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Throughout the 10-year period, since the establishment of the Fund, our activity has been undergoing the process of constant development. Through these years all the instituted solutions has become an example to follow by numerous new established funds. Moreover, we have participated in creating these funds, both providing advice and guidance in organisation of their work and sharing with previously acquired operational experience.

First Credit Guarantee Funds in Poland were formed within the framework of Local Programme of Initiatives financed from European funds (Phare) at the beginning of the 90’s. At the end of the 90’s, local and voivodship self-government authorities became involved in the process of creating funds. The main reason of this activity was to hasten the local economic and social development by reviving a business activity in a particular region.

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